Fuel Boxes

Start Up or Back up Fuel for your Elliott Evolution Building

The Elliott 20 litre Fuel Box provides the perfect start-up or backup fuel supply to ensure you’ve always got diesel for your Evolution® site welfare facilities.

Provided as a safe, easy to handle refuelling solution it will help reduce downtime by storing diesel for emergencies and run-outs for on-site welfare facilities to make sure you’re always up and running and avoid having to wait for diesel supplies. The Elliott Fuel Box is suitable for all off-road diesel engine

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  • A fast, efficient and easy to handle refuelling solution.
  • Glug free pouring system prevents unnecessary spillages.
  • Zero risk of contamination.
  • Reduces downtime by storing for emergencies and run-outs on site.
  • 10-PLUS additive system improves fuel consumption

Fuel Box

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