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Heavy Duty Anti-Climb Fencing

Our heavy duty anti-climb fencing is a popular solution to hire or buy

Heavy duty anti-climb fencing improves site safety and security by helping to restrict access to customers’ sites, form secure site perimeters, isolate working areas or create controlled pedestrian areas. These can help to reduce theft and vandalism on your site by deterring children and restricting access to unwanted visitors.

You can use our versatile, heavy duty anti-climb fencing in a variety of situations but the most popular choice is to compliment your units on hire from us. 

Each Elliott galvanised steel 2m high panel is supplied complete with the necessary number of rubber safety feet for stability. Safety couplers are supplied as standard to connect panels and form a strong barrier.

Finish: Pre-Galvanized
Mesh Specification: Vertical Wires
Mesh Specification: Horizontal Wires
Panel Weight: 16.5kgs
Aperture: 39mm
Diameter: 2.30mm
Aperture: 253mm
Diameter: 3.3mm
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