Hygiene Screens

Higher hygiene is here to stay

The past couple of years have underlined just how important quality hygiene processes and equipment in the workplace are in protecting your staff, customers and the general public alike. Covid-19 has focused attention like never before, but virus outbreaks have occurred before and, unfortunately, they will again. Only now we accept the need for hygiene screens and other protective equipment. 

Hire Quality Hygiene Screens from Elliott

Elliott hygiene screens are specifically ergonomically-designed to complement our hire furniture, so space and user comfort are maximised. Manufactured from 5mm thick translucent polycarbonate, are screens are highly robust, reliable and fully recyclable at end of life. The steel post and screen system stops the transfer of air-borne particles in compact spaces so the risk of being spread is drastically reduced.  

Elliott will plan the configuration of your screens with you as part of your overall space planning, also taking into account your desk furniture, climate control systems and building access paths.  

To find out more about our turn-key solutions for hire, call our customer service team experts on 0808 108 2222 or complete our contact form above.

More hygiene solutions available from Elliott  

  • Signage options to help manage on-site work and movement flows, social distancing and washing instructions.
  • Mesh and Panel Pedestrian Signs - communicate your social distancing rules and working practices, wherever you need to.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers, as part of complete washing and skincare systems and consumable refill services   


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