Jackpad Foundations

Robust & reliable foundations for your portable building

Jackpad® provides a quick, simple, affordable and environmentally friendly portable foundation system for all modular and relocatable buildings and suitable for a variety of set ups including single, double and 3 storey modular buildings. Providing suitable ground bearing capacity is achieved, a single foundation position can support up to 48kn.   

Benefits of using a Jackpad® foundations

100% recycled materials, 100% recyclable

Reduces time on site and can be set out as modules are being installed – in all weathers

No ground or remedial works required in most instances. This leaves playgrounds, car parks etc. undamaged and immediately ready to return to their intended use

Tidy, uniform appearance

Infinitely height adjustable. Ability to overcome excessive fall in levels

Jackpad Install

Quick & Easy Installation

Jackpad® foundations are quick to install and calibrate, with no dependencies on weather and with all components within manual handling regulations. Resulting in lower preparation time and risk. Large sites like that shown above can be ready in hours. Similarly deinstall is extremely rapid.

Sustainable too

Made from recycled plastic and steel.  They are used multiple times in their life before being recycled. Each ton of recycled plastic saves 1.5 tons of CO2.  Our estimate is that a typical 6 pad installation saves as much as 322kg CO2.*

Jackpad Install

Reused Time and Time again

Jackpad foundations can be reused time and time again, or if damaged beyond repair, they are recycled.

To find out more about Jackpad® temporary foundations, call our customer service team experts on 0808 108 2222 or complete our contact form above.

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