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Modular Changing Rooms

Changing rooms to either hire or buy providing you with all the necessary facilities

When you need additional changing rooms or just want to improve your current facilities you can rely on Elliott and our modular buildings to come up with a resolution. Our modular changing rooms provide ample space and seating with all the necessary facilities to prepare you for your favourite sports activity.

Afterwards, no matter how you’ve performed you’ll be pleased to relax and freshen up with our showers and washing facilities. For natural light, Elliott changing rooms are provided with high level windows which also provide you with personal privacy.

Huge Choice
Fast Availability
Flexible accommodation for sale or lease
Preserve capital
Elliott buildings can be designed to meet your requirements. Available as single storey or multi-storeys for optimum footprint size.
Elliott provides full turnkey solutions so you can rely on Elliott as your single source supplier.

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