The market-leading portable building for customers wanting premium quality in smaller spaces

Monobloc is perfect for creating quality working environments for small numbers of people, as well as creating unusual configurations where site conditions dictate that conventional modular building layouts aren’t possible. Monobloc offers the same attractive internal environment as Moduflex, in single units.

Quality as standard
Monobloc’s all-steel external and internal construction is robust, easy to clean and comfortable to work in, providing a quality feel inside and out. At 2.5m metres tall, Monobloc has a higher internal ceiling height than most equivalent products, creating a bright and airy environment filled with natural light. Internally-operated integral window roller shutters promote a more secure and private environment, day and night. And double-glazed windows equivalent to ‘A’-rated energy performance improve thermal and acoustic insulation. They reduce heat loss and cold drafts to create a warm, comfortable environment.        

Sustainable too
Time-controlled heating and instantaneous water heaters reduce energy consumption without compromising warmth and comfort. LED lights are fitted as standard, with PIR sensors to automatically switch off when spaces are not in use, to minimise energy consumption. Plus, Monobloc is made using responsibly sourced recycled PVC-U and recyclable timber from certified/managed forests.  

Dimensions & Weights

Monobloc is available in two sizes:

6m long x 3m wide x 3m high (24ft x 10ft x 10ft)
Floor Area: 73m
² (240ft²)
Weight = 2500kg
Internal ceiling height: 2.5m (8.2ft)
32ft long x 10ft wide x 10ft high (9m x 3m x 3m)
Floor Area: 97.5m
² (320ft²)
Weight: 3200kg
Internal ceiling height: 2.5m
² (8.2ft²)

Note: Weights are of single, empty open-plan units

Individual Monobloc units can be linked and stacked (2-storeys) to form larger complexes, especially where ground area is at a premium or site shapes are awkward. 

360° Services

  • Generator Hire – For sites with no electricity services connections, so you can get started from day one  
  • Recyclable Foundations – Fully adjustable pads to ensure your building remains perfectly level at all times. Re-usable and made from recycled materials
  • Furniture Hire – A wide range of packages for office, canteen, changing and training room uses, all delivered with your building for maximum convenience 
  • Climate Control Systems – Energy-efficient, temperature-controlled heating and cooling for year round comfort, whatever the weather
  • Access ramps and steps – Slip-resistant safe and easy access to your building
  • Fire Protection – Alarms, extinguishers and blankets, so you’re fully protected   
  • WI-FI Networks – Self-contained and integrated network connections for your additional workspace

To find out more about Monobloc, call our customer service team experts on 0808 108 2222, or complete our contact form