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Steps, Staircases & Ramps

Purposely designed entrance and exit steps & steel staircases provide safe and easy access

Elliott have a variety of staircases to suit their temporary buildings with non slip durbar treads and contrasting yellow nosings for added safety.  The range includes:

  • 2 and 3 tread steps with landings for use with Anti Vandal toilets
  • 13 tread staircases and landings for use with Anti Vandal units
  • 15 tread staircases and landings for use with Moduflex buildings – can be extended if units are added to, thus minimising downtime while new units are installed
  • Traditional or pod style 3 storey staircases with 1 metre wide landing for extra safety – doors can open safety and not impede people travelling up and down the stairs
  • Bespoke ramp and step solutions for temporary modular buildings

Also available are various size landings to suit both standard and wider width doors plus double width landings used to bridge between separate stacks of units.