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Date of possesion | 2016


With the on-going success of the Academy it was decided to introduce a two form entry primary school with 2 classes for each year, 60 pupils per year as part of an education construction project with Elliott. The new school would ultimately provide places for 420 pupils in total. Full time staff numbers were estimated at 30-35.

Of several design options considered by architects at Capita it was a two storey building that followed the orientation and form of the main academy building that was chosen for the education construction project. The theme set by the original academy building being a creation of buildings around a central area forming a ‘cloistered-type’ arrangement around the existing Multi-use games area.

The main entrance and reception area are located on the south west side of the building and from the school office was then located.

The central (heart space) of the building runs full length and is a full height space with rooms leading off it.

The space is also naturally lit from above by a glazed strip running along the length of the roof.

Classrooms are located on the north east side of the building facing the existing multi-use games area and existing Foster + Partners building.

Two reception classes are located on the south eastern part of the building and are separated from the key stage 1 and 2 classes by the central heart space of the building.

A double height main hall and adjoining smaller hall are located along the south eastern side along with service areas such as kitchen, storage and plant room.

The majority of glazing is set to face towards the existing London Academy site.

In total there are 14no classrooms; 8no on the ground floor of the building with the remainder and the staff room located on the first floor of the south east side of the building. There are a further 2no reception classes on the ground floor at the eastern end of the building.

From the outset it was planned that the new primary school would be constructed in a traditional building method.
Landscaping reflects the surrounding townscape and landscape and has been created to achieve a safe, rich environment for both play and learning with a range of different spaces to respond to learning requirements and cultural needs of the school.

The existing site (including the Academy and Sixth Form) covers an area of 2.54 hectares with the proposed primary school estimated to occupy only 0.4 hectares.

The footprint of the proposed building was designed to measure 1,292 square metres and the gross internal floorspace would therefore be 2,215 square metres across two floors.

The first two year groups have already moved into the new building and the academy plans to gradually incorporate other school years progressively, with the school able to ultimately accommodate 420 pupils.




"London Academy is innovative in design and is already providing pupils in Edgware with a modern and creative education base”. “The project was unique in its delivery and included the modular construction of classrooms where over half were pre-fabricated off-site and craned into place. Specialist materials were also used to create the distinct blue and white checked, glazed block-work exterior”. “We’re delighted to have completed London Academy and look forward to delivering further projects for the London Borough of Barnet."



We are extremely pleased with the new primary building. Morgan Sindall and Elliott has successfully delivered a building that fully reflects the beautiful design and educational vision of both London Academy and AIM Academies Trust. "​


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