Permanent, semi-permanent and temporary solutions available for your infrastructure project.

With over 55 years of experience serving the infrastructure sector, Elliott has had the opportunity to work with customers across all areas of the industry. We have provided modular solutions for construction at large airports and seaports, and we have completed major road construction, telecommunications, water supply, rail network and utilities projects. In short, we have the expertise and experience for whatever you may need.


Whether you need a full site complex with all the necessary facilities for a large workforce or a single portable cabin for a small project we have the solution for your infrastructure projects. The possibilities are endless. We can provide the widest range and largest number of products delivered and installed on your site anywhere in the country. Solutions can be provided for you to hire or buy in single or multi-storey formats.

Layouts can be specified to meet your specific infrastructure sector requirements or simply select from our range of standard layouts. We can provide extra space as project offices, welfare facilities, client decant facilities, changing rooms, catering and rest rooms and a whole host of other uses.

We’ve been providing solutions for infrastructure projects for over 55 years with thousands of workers using Elliott products and solutions every day of the year. Our customer base consists of companies in all areas of the infrastructure sector industry including sites at major airports and seaports, for major road construction, telecommunications, water supply, rail network and utilities.


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Infrastructure's FAQ

When you have questions about how to best bring about a successful infrastructure build, our experts can provide answers. With the widest range of turnkey and customised product solutions on the modular building market in the UK, we can help you find what you need.

Below, you’ll find a variety of common questions followed by our expert answers that are designed to point you toward the right product no matter what your project specifications may call for.


To discuss any of our products or services further, please make an enquiry with our team who can discuss your exact requirements