Specialist solutions designed specifically for the petrochemical industry for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary uses.

Petrochemical Industry Overview

At Elliott, we’ve provided relocatable accommodation solutions for every one of the UK’s leading refining and product distribution terminals with literally thousands of petrochemical workers in the petrochemical industry using Elliott portable buildings every year. Our customer base consists of companies in all areas of the petrochemical industry from the major players using Elliott throughout the year to a stream of contractors using Elliott products and services during maintenance and shutdown periods.

Elliott is the UK’s leading provider of portable building solutions to C.O.M.A.H sites with our Anti-blast and toxic refuge solutions constructed to rigorous standards providing a target level of protection of 1% vulnerability.

Elliott anti-blast portable building
Anti-blast solutions
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Elliott is the market leader in providing solutions for the petrochemical industry with the largest number of Anti-Blast and toxic refuge solutions for refineries and C.O.M.A.H sites.
With stock available from Elliott hire branches strategically placed nationwide and a fleet of our own delivery vehicles you can rest assured that within no time we could have a solution ready for your immediate use.

Petrochemical Case Study

Scotland Refinery

During construction of the new project site safety officials at a major oil refinery in Scotland decided they needed a...

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