Elliott buildings can be provided for temporary or permanent uses and offer unlimited design options.

Utilities Overview

Used on utility sites throughout the UK, Elliott buildings can be provided for temporary or permanent uses and offer unlimited design options in the utilities sector. These can be installed to single or multi-storey options to either hire or purchase.

Elliott off-site building solutions use the most modern methods of construction and can cut traditional construction time in half with our design and build solution for any utilities project in the utilities sector. This permanent solution provides 60 years design life, early cost certainty, flexible design solutions with a proven track record and unrivalled experience.

For semi-permanent and temporary uses Elliott modular buildings provide wide open spaces to help create a better working environment for your people all with the necessary working and welfare facilities for a large workforce. And with readily available solutions from stock your new building can be delivered and installed on your site within weeks.

For more urgent needs Elliott portable cabins can be provided from hire branches throughout the UK – the perfect speedy solution particularly in inner cities or remote locations where you may need an immediate workspace and need to overcome theft and vandalism.

Elliott construction site projects
Site Complex
Elliott mobile welfare
Welfare facilities
For even the largest utilities projects Elliott has unrivalled solutions to meet your requirements. And with over 50 years experience we’ve solved just about kind of accommodation solution.
Our range of products and services is truly unrivalled anywhere with the largest numbers and widest range of welfare facilities even if you’re working on a greenfield site with no access to mains services.

Utilities Case Study


The Eco-Cabins were used for a 6 week period during a plant shutdown as temporary offices and welfare accommodation.

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