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How Elliott’s 360 Services Can Help Your Construction Site with Social Distancing


According to a new survey by surveying firm Turner & Townsend, the impact of the lockdown is causing productivity losses, with things like uncertainty of labour, material delays and social distancing being the main culprits.

The government has been introducing measures to help protect the construction industry economically, such as introducing more loans for firms, the reopening of the housing market and extending planning permission deadlines. This allows construction firms and businesses to continue to work safely and keep to the social distancing guidelines, as well as keep office and site workers safe.

Here at Elliott, we have adapted our products and services specifically for use during the pandemic, to ensure that they are fit for purpose during these trying times. Designed to ensure that you and your site can continue working safely, our 360 services provide a single point of contact for setting up site, including any pandemic-specific measures that you need to take to comply with the government guidelines.

Instead of multiple purchase orders and invoices, increased vehicle movements, and a big headache, you can use a full turnkey solution, so you and your workers can get to the job at hand quicker.

From fully powered connected services, temporary fencing to secure your site, safety and security products and services as well furniture for your buildings, we can help make your job easier.

During the pandemic, we have added the following to our 360 services, so you can ensure the safety of your staff and any potential visitors.

  • Desk protection screens
  • Site decontamination
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Signage
  • And more

All this will ensure that not only will your site be up and running quickly and efficiently, you can also feel rest assured that your site is socially distant, your staff are kept safe, and the risk of infection is lower.

Whether you’re looking for someone to help you make sense of the guidelines, or you’re in need of a specific solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Climate control can be important in a number of different scenarios. Perhaps you need a controlled environment for specialist equipment or maybe you just need somewhere comfortable for people to work and rest, either way, Elliott have lots of solutions to provide you with the optimal climate.
Whether you are an employer, owner, landlord, occupier or building manager you are responsible for your fire safety strategy and the safety of your staff. Elliott provides a complete range of fire safety solutions including fire extinguishers and accessories, fire blankets, fire and smoke alarms, fire safety risk assessments, fire safety training and much more.
If you choose the Elliott Damage waiver option you will have peace of mind that you may not be charged for damage caused to your building, either from fire, theft or vandalism by others, subject to terms and conditions.
Does your hire unit require professionally installed wireless networking and telecommunication systems? Elliott supply a number of high quality network installations that meet strict standards on a national level.
Elliott has a complete range of generators ranging from 20kVA to 500kVA complete with cables, distribution boards, fuel management and tanks, available nationwide. We can provide complete power solutions for your cabin hire and any additional equipment requiring on-site power.
Elliott hire Chapter 8 fully compliant plastic pedestrian barriers are highly visible with features suitable for use on highways and roads. The barriers are extremely robust and high quality, they can also be easily linked together and feature anti-trip feet. These temporary orange pedestrian barriers comply with the Chapter 8 Street Works Code of Practice and BS7818 Specification.
Elliott offers a range of temporary fence panels including full height anti-climb fencing, and pedestrian barriers which are both ideal for worksite perimeters and demarcation. Elliott temporary fencing is ideal for guiding and protecting your staff and members of the public at events and on busy worksites.
Whether you want to maximise effective space in your Elliott steel storage container or enhance safe ease of access, there are a number of accessories you can benefit from including certified shelving, lighting, power and access ramps. These Elliott accessories are designed to be durable and sturdy in keeping with your robust steel storage container.
If you require high quality, robust furniture for your Elliott unit, we have a complete range of hire solutions available including packages for offices, meeting room, changing areas, kitchens and canteens and much more.
Effluent tanks are often used during development projects or on roadworks where there is no available drainage. Elliott offers an extensive stock of waste holding tanks with up to a 2000 gallon capacity for immediate delivery with your unit on site.
LANTAC approved Jackpad foundations are a quick, simple and affordable portable foundation system for all modular and temporary buildings. The ultimate time saver, Jackpad foundations and non-evasive and can support your building without the need for extra work.
It is required that sites have adequate and safe facilities for employees to smoke. Elliott offer the perfect solution in the form of our smoking shelters. It is suitable for all occasions, including corporate functions as well as office and construction site workers.
Elliott’s fleet of Easyflo towable water bowsers are perfect for remote jobs where you need access to water. The tanks have a 1000 litre capacity but can be double stacked if you require more water on site.
If you require your hire units to arrive at a specific time, Elliott will deliver to your exact requirements. On busy construction sites or in small villages, timed delivery can save hassle and inconvenience to the surrounding environment, and help with your site logistics.
To help with your financial planning we have a package for use with your Elliott Evolution® site welfare facilities. As standard up to 50 hours per week are included in your weekly hire rate but if you need more ask a member of the Elliott team.
Most people like to start their day with a warm cup of something, so ensure you’re ready to go from day one with our Tea Break Package. A simple, but extremely important solution providing you with everything from tea, coffee, milk, sugar and even biscuits, mugs to and teaspoons.
Make sure you’re covered in an emergency with Elliott’s 20 litre fuel box. Suitable for all off-road diesel powered engines, the fuel box is a necessity for any remote site. The fuel box is perfect for use with Elliott Evolution products as a back-up fuel solution.
A robust racking system to help store your items more easily and a magnetic rechargeable LED mobile light to improve safety and visibility in your container.
The Elliott Hygiene Cleaning Pack will help keep your Elliott portable cabins in a clean and tidy condition.
A range of accessories for use with Elliott welfare buildings to ensure you've always got fuel, cleaning items and ready for tea and biscuits.
If you would like your Elliott modules to fit in with your company brand, or if you simply want to show your logo or even blend in with your surroundings, Elliott offers a range of unlimited and outstanding designs to enhance your portable accommodation.
If you are hiring units from Elliott, have you considered the regulatory requirements of skin hygiene? We can supply you with everything you need to maintain a sanitary environment.
Elliott can provide BS8599 compliant first aid kits for all of our portable hire units. All first aid kits are supplied in a durable and sturdy green plastic box, easily identifiable and with clip in wall brackets.
If you are hiring units for a kitchen environment, why not hire them fully equipped and ready to go? Elliott supply high quality complete kitchen units and cold rooms plus a comprehensive range of catering equipment including ovens, fryers, fridges and freezers.


To discuss any of our products or services further, please make an enquiry with our team who can discuss your exact requirements