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Elliott Climate Control doesn’t just control temperature, it looks after the entire atmosphere of the office creating a content and efficient working environment. We believe that keeping employees happy is the essence to a smooth running business. Climate control regulates temperature and humidity with a HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Elliott have a tiered approach to climate control so that you can find a solution specific to your requirements



Elliott’s Premium Tier package is a split-system unit that can be mounted high on the wall of your accommodation for optimal air spread. This system is available in the Moduflex, Fireflex and Mono Block Elliott structures

The unit has an A+++ efficiency rating making it a sustainable, eco-friendly solution, and excellent in terms of cost savings

The Elliott units comply with the new R32 refrigerant. R32 has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP). It is also safe, difficult to ignite and doesn’t explode

The Premium Tier unit emits extremely low level of noise at 20dbA when in operation

The unit can be controlled using Wi-Fi with the simple addition of an adaptor and a mobile app. This way, you can always track your energy consumption



The Essential Tier solution is a wall-mounted climate control unit with both heating and cooling capabilities. This unit is suitable for the Moduflex, Fireflex and Mono Block Elliott structures.

The unit can be wall mounted for low energy consumption, all round comfort and maximum reach.

Essential Tier units are efficient all year round with an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’.

With only two small external vents, this unit is discreet and unobtrusive.

The unit is fully controllable by remote including fan speed, temperature and timer.



The Elliott Economy Tier solution is a portable, high powered climate control unit. This solution is available with any hire type. The Economy Tier solution is perfect for when you need a quick fix in those hot summer months.

The Economy Tier gives you the option between either a small or large unit sizes depending on your requirements.

The portable unit runs quietly in the background at just 63dB(A).

If you choose the larger unit, it can provide up to 15,000BTU cooling power, enabling it to provide comfort cooling through intense summers.


    All of the climate control facilities are kept at Elliott and available immediately. Please contact your local Elliott regional office to enquire about climate control or call 0808 108 2222.

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