Effluent Tank for Portable Toilets

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On-Site Effluent storage

For use with your Elliott portable toilets, the Elliott Effluent Tank II is a robust, lightweight, plastic effluent tank which offers a hygienic and corrosion-resistant solution to on-site effluent storage.

Advantages over traditional steel tanks

  • Easily transportable and movable on site
  • Convenient Lifting Eyes
  • 500 gallon holding capacity
  • More hygienic than steel
  • Sealable entry ports to prevent malodour and spillage
  • Easily linkable to create a double capacity tank
  • Will not corrode like other steel holding tanks
  • Fitted with full-tank indicating device as standard


External Tank Dimensions 2800 mm x 2000 mm x 450 mm Dry Tank Weight circa   120 kg

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