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Our Project Management Service

Elliott operates across a diverse range of customer types with varying degrees of requirements and our project management will vary between project types and market sectors.

Project Pre-contract

Elliott achieves effective communication by working in close liaison with our clients and their consultants and other stakeholders to ensure a consistent and clear message is continuously delivered throughout the project. Our core objectives are to safely deliver a quality solution to programme and within budget and ensuring outstanding levels of client satisfaction.

Project Delivery

Elliott works as part of an integrated and collaborative team with our clients. We undertake regular reviews; measure performance against KPIs and project objectives and hold regular meetings to discuss and share best practice across all of the project teams.

Elliott identifies the best product to be presented for each building requirement. Elliott is in a unique position with multiple variances of buildings to support differentiating requirements on site.

Post Contract

Elliott has a clear and defined approach that is implemented towards the end of a contract that ensures that buildings such as portable buildings are handed over fit for purpose and ready for immediate occupation. Furthermore, there is a period beyond handover where we work in close co-ordination with the end users and key stakeholders to ensure that the occupation and usage of the new accommodation is a smooth process. This provides end users with a new building that not only meets their spatial requirements but meets their day-to-day requirements and they have a full understanding of functionality.

Case Study

Modular Offices – Jaguar Land Rover

Elliott were successfully awarded the contract to provide a modular structure for Jaguar Land Rover at their design and engineering...

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