Sleek, modern protection against theft and vandalism especially in unmanned and remote locations. Ideal solution for a variety of workplace uses.



The Elliott Anti Vandal+ range of portable buildings is tough and strong and a popular choice when security is paramount. Constructed to a modern, all steel design, our Anti-Vandal+ buildings come complete with an integral locking system, steel window shutters and doors with anti-jemmy edges forming a robust structure that will deter even the most determined of vandals, with double glazed windows to contribute towards your site sustainability and help reduce your heating costs.


The range comes in a range of sizes and layouts to meet your individual requirements.

Anti-Vandal+ portable changing rooms

The Elliott Anti-Vandal+ Portable Changing Room range is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size workforce. All Portable Changing Rooms...

Anti-vandal+ secure storage containers

Lack of suitable secure storage space affects thousands of companies in every market sector throughout the UK. The Elliott Anti-Vandal+ Secure Storage Containers provide the ideal solution to this problem.

Anti-vandal+ portable security gatehouse

The Elliott Anti-Vandal+ Portable Security Gatehouse is designed for single use and to occupy a minimal footprint size and can be used for a wide range of applications, with a modern design to keep your site looking great.

Anti-vandal+ portable canteens

Each Elliott Anti-Vandal+ Canteen is provided with a kitchen sink, hot and cold running water and worktop to ensure your workforce has the necessary facilities during work-breaks.

Anti-vandal+ portable offices

Elliott Anti-Vandal+ range of portable offices are available in a range of sizes and internal layouts to meet your specific requirements.

Anti-vandal+ portable smoking shelter

The Elliott Portable Smoking Shelter conforms to the Government’s no smoking legislation and provides a controlled area where non-smokers will not be affected.


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