Anti-vandal portable smoking shelter

A designated and controlled area for smokers providing weather protection

Product overview


The Elliott Portable Smoking Shelter conforms to the Government’s no smoking legislation and provides a controlled area where non-smokers will not be affected. It keeps premises free from unsightly mess and secure from risk of fire from discarded cigarettes.

As standard, every site smoking shelter includes a full-length seat rail and cigarette bins.

The Elliott Portable Smoking Shelter provides a designated area for smokers, where they will be protected from the weather, with the shelter design allowing for quick dispersal of cigarette smoke.

It is suitable for all occasions, including corporate functions, and for office and as a construction smoking shelter for site workers.



  • Anti-Vandal steel construction removes risk of fire
  • Open shelter allows rapid dispersal of cigarette smoke
  • Provides ample space for up to 12 people
  • Cost effective at just a few pounds a week.
  • Steel chequer plate floor
  • Full length seating rail
  • Two cigarette butt bins provided
  • No concrete base required



2.7 x 1.9m


360° service

  • Fire Extinguishers & fire safety solutions for the safety of your people
  • Damage waiver to protect you against unexpected costs resulting from accidents, vandalism, fire and theft
  • Timed delivery to help schedule your site logistics

A designated and controlled area for smokers providing weather protection


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