Anti-vandal portable toilets and showers

Good quality, clean facilities with separate compartments available to isolate sexes

Product overview


Elliott offers a vast range of toilet blocks and portable shower block available nationwide. All can be used for either short-term hire or for longer periods where these may be required to help overcome a lack of amenities or during a refurbishment of your permanent facilities.

Elliott toilet and shower blocks come in various sizes and layouts to meet your individual welfare needs and can cater for any number of people. Toilet blocks are available for single-sex or with separate compartments for male and female use.

Effluent tanks are available to hire and an effluent tank emptying and disposable service is offered to customers without mains services.



  • Toilet blocks | Supplied ready for connection to mains services
  • Toilet blocks | Supplied with a heater for warm water hand washing
  • Toilet blocks | Fitted with sinks that allow hand and full arm washing
  • Toilet blocks | Provided with anti-frost heating to avoid frozen pipes in winter
  • Shower Blocks | Fitted with separate shower cubicles for privacy
  • Shower Blocks | Supplied with individual water heaters to regulate each shower
  • Shower Blocks | Fitted with wooden benching




360° service

  • Fire Extinguishers & fire safety solutions for the safety of your people
  • Damage waiver to protect you against unexpected costs resulting from accidents, vandalism, fire and theft
  • Effluent tanks when you have no mains services
  • Generator hire when you need to power your portable cabins
  • Timed delivery to help schedule your site logistics
  • Washroom & hygiene services to keep your portable cabins clean and tidy

Good quality, clean facilities with separate compartments available to isolate sexes


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