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Improve safety and provide fire protection for your people on site with our unique solutions.

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Protecting your people and the public


We’ve designed and developed a fire rated building range of options to help you comply with current guidelines on fire safety to protect your people and the public. Our fire rated building solutions have been independently tested and meet the requirement of The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovations 9th Edition (JCOP).

For an open plan workspace capable of being installed up to three storeys choose Fireflex, our unique market leading fire rated temporary modular building solution. If you have a smaller workforce and prefer the portable cabin style of accommodation select from our range of Fire Rated Temporary Buildings.

In addition, we can also provide your fire safety needs in our temporary buildings including fire extinguishers, fire accessories, fire and smoke alarms as well as fire safety training and risk assessments.


Fire rated portable cabins

The Elliott Fire Rated Eco Cabin is designed to be used within 6 metres of an existing structure and/or the building under construction to...

Fireflex® fire rated building

Fireflex® is an evolution of our extremely popular Moduflex open plan temporary modular building systems with the added benefit of having a fire rated...


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