Enviable flexibility with wide open plan workspace ideal for construction complexes and events. Moduflex can be configured in a choice of layouts and installed to single or multi-storey format.

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Moduflex ® is an exciting modular buildings solution giving an enviable flexibility in creating a wide choice of building designs to meet your individual accommodation requirements. They can be used for a multitude of functions including open plan offices, sales centres and welfare facilities and are available to hire instantly nationwide.

The advantage of Moduflex is that it can be easily stacked and linked to create large, open spaces up to three storeys high. The variable wall, window and door panels mean that endless layout options are possible. We can provide a whole host of welfare facilities to complete your temporary office accommodation including canteens, changing rooms, toilets and showers.

As well as being a modular building solution for construction sites and events Moduflex can also be used as stand alone modules.


Technical description


  • A wide choice of building designs
  • Choice of changeable wall panels
  • Available up to three storeys
  • Variable internal layouts
  • Quickly and easily installed on your site
  • Optimum footprint size
  • Suitable for short or long term hire



Choose from 16 different 6m x 3m single modules in a wide range of layouts including open plan office or with toilets

  • A choice of standard layouts using 6m x 3m modules to form complexes from 6m x 12m to 12m x 18m
  • A choice of standard layout using 9m x 3m modules to form complexes from 9m x 6m to 9m x 15m


360° service

The Elliott 360° Services suitable for use with Moduflex include:

  • Furniture
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Wi-fi telecommunications
  • Tea break package
  • Hygiene cleaning package
  • Washroom and hygiene services

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