Modular buildings

Modular buildings provide quality spaces and limitless possibilities. Elliott is a world leader in modular space providing flexible solutions.

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Elliott’s range of modular buildings provide a modern and stylish solution satisfying all planning requirements. With wide open plan areas to either single or multi-storeys creating quality spaces with limitless possibilities. Great for creating learning environments in education, an ideal solution for healthcare and provide endless design possibilities for a large commercial workforce.

Modular building solutions are available as single and multi storey facilities. Perfect for decants, our solutions are available to rent or buy providing comfortable and compliant environments. Each modular solution is designed to meet building regulations and provide the most cost effective space. Elliott’s modular buildings can be further enhanced with alternative claddings, windows and pitched roofs to create aesthetically impressive buildings and satisfying any planning requirements.

Modular classroom buildings

The Elliott range of flexible modular school buildings solutions help satisfy planning requirements and create a great learning and teaching environment. We offer a...

Modular offices

Should you require a large open space office or smaller, individual offices, we have a range of solutions to accommodate you. Our office buildings...

Modular welfare facilities

Elliott has gained vast experience in providing welfare facilities for a wide range of industries. No matter whether you need to house a workforce...

Modular nursery and crèche

Elliott has developed a range of modular classroom solutions specifically designed for nurseries and crèches, as education facilities, which comply with guidelines laid down...

Modular retail solutions

Used by well-known retailers throughout the UK, Elliott modular buildings can be provided for a range of solutions during property refurbishment, retail construction, business...

Modular healthcare facilities

Elliott is a trusted partner to the healthcare sector providing innovative, high-quality healthcare building solutions, clearly focused on meeting the needs of customers. We...

Modular changing rooms

When you need additional changing rooms or just want to improve your current facilities you can rely on Elliott and our modular buildings to...


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