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Elliott is a world leader in providing flexible modular building systems to create versatile spaces and limitless possibilities.

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At Elliott, we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of modular buildings to suit all planning requirements. We create high quality modern and stylish open plan areas with limitless possibilities. Available as both single and multi-storey facilities, our modular building systems are a fantastic solution for creating effective learning environments, exemplary healthcare facilities, and endless design possibilities for large commercial workforces.

We have completed a huge variety of projects, often specialising in:

  • Modular offices
  • Modular classrooms and nurseries
  • Modular healthcare facilities
  • Modular changing rooms
  • Modular retail buildings

Our experience and expertise in modular building construction allows us to tailor bespoke solutions for each client, offering endless configurations and additional features, including alternative claddings, windows and pitched roofs, to create aesthetically impressive buildings whilst also satisfying any planning requirements.

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Modular Building FAQs

What Are Modular Buildings?

Versatile and affordable, modular buildings are individual building modules that are used in a huge range of sectors including:

  • Education – such as university buildings, classrooms, nurseries, creches
  • Healthcare – hospitals, surgical wards, GP surgeries, dentists and ancillary accommodation
  • Welfare – changing rooms, modular offices and workforce site accommodation

Often portable, modular buildings are a popular choice for businesses requiring a versatile and flexible solution, e.g. if offices require relocation. With limitless configuration possibilities available, they can be constructed to almost any bespoke business requirement.

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular building construction involves the assembly of complete buildings using individual building modules that have been completed off-site. These building modules are formed to strict standards in a controlled off-site facility where construction is not impeded by poor weather. Buildings are then fully fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they leave the off-site facility. Once completed, the modules are delivered and installed on our customer’s site. Elliott building modules are then connected to create complete buildings which can be of any size and building layout.

Whether it’s for education, commercial space, healthcare and you’re looking to start a construction project, modular buildings from Elliott can provide the exact, quality solution you need quickly. Modular construction methods are transforming the industry and speeding up build times. The improvements in operations mean that considerable cost savings can be made in comparison to traditional building projects with the added benefits of being kinder to the environment.

Modular Offices

Need a cost-effective office solution? Our modular offices offer flexible, state of the art facilities to suit your project requirements. Whether you’re renovating, relocating or looking for a long-term solution, our comprehensive offering has something to suit your business and budget. Fast...

Modular Classroom Buildings

Elliott offer an extensive range of flexible modular classroom buildings to create an engaging learning environment, whilst crucially satisfy even the most stringent of...

Modular Nursery & Crèche Buildings

We’re passionate about creating cost effective, engaging and exciting modular nursery and creche buildings, using our large stock of specialist classroom facilities. Our goal is to create inspiring space, whilst dedicating ourselves to complying with Department of Social Services guidelines,...

Modular Healthcare Buildings

Elliott have established themselves as a trusted modular building partner within the healthcare sector, providing innovative, exemplary hospitals and medical facilities to meet the complex needs of a wide variety of patients. We are fully conversant with necessary requirements and needs to...

Modular Changing Rooms

Whether you are requiring additional training facilities or simply need to improve your existing changing rooms, Elliott’s modular changing facilities offer an affordable solution. Packed with great features including refreshing shower and washing facilities, comfortable seating and high-level...

Modular Retail Buildings

The go-to choice for a huge range of popular retailers throughout the UK, Elliott’s modular retail buildings offer unrivalled flexibility and versatility for both large and small outlets. Enjoy unlimited design options and single or multi-storey variations to buy or hire for a highly...

Modular Welfare Facilities

Elliott specialise in providing premium quality welfare facilities to workforces at affordable prices. Regardless of your industry or the size of your workforce, we have the best modular buildings to suit your exact requirements, with bespoke designs to suit your project and budget.


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