Modular Nursery & Crèche Buildings

Specialist care and catering facilities for babies and infants

Product overview


Elliott has developed a range of modular classroom solutions specifically designed for nurseries and crèches, as education facilities, which comply with guidelines laid down by the Department of Social Services, Department of Education and Health and Safety requirements.

We hold a large stock of readily available modular classroom building solutions which means your new nursery or crèche can be ready within days.

All our nursery and crèche education facilities comply with current building regulations and national day care standards so as to help ensure the safety of both staff and children during education construction projects.

There are different standard space requirements for babies and varying ages of infants. In addition, consideration will need to be given to the specialist care and catering facilities that are to be provided in a safe nursery environment in order to comply with these guidelines.

  • Baby rooms
  • Sleep rooms
  • Sensory rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Kitchens
  • External landscaping
  • WC facilities
  • Stores
  • Staffroom
  • Storage Spaces



  • Value for money - Modular buildings offer very competitive costs per square metre compared to traditional build rates – offering savings of up to 70+%.
  • Speed of construction - Modular construction means the building can be completed quickly and more efficiently, which means less disruption. And, with the benefit that additional modules and workable space can be easily added and adapted, providing complete flexibility.
  • Quality of build - We can guarantee quality levels because many of the elements are produced in an ISO9001 factory controlled environment. Choosing a modular system means that it can be specified fully compliant with current Building Regulations and the DFES Building Bulletins.
  • All our materials are chosen to provide the highest levels of durability, creating schools that offer a long term low maintenance solution
  • Sustainability - Our modular solutions are able to achieve the higher levels of BREEAM, the UK’s leading environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. Modular construction also reduces both journeys to site and the amount of waste created compared to conventional build.
  • Elliott solutions are designed to last for in excess of 50 years which is verified by external structural engineering consultants.
  • The Elliott 25 years structural warranty gives you the reassurance that your building was not only designed and manufactured to the highest standards but will also provide structural integrity and peace of mind for many years.



Elliott buildings can be designed to meet your requirements. Available as single storey or multi-storeys for optimum footprint size.


360° service

Elliott provides full turnkey solutions so you can rely on Elliott as your single source supplier.

Specialist care and catering facilities for babies and infants

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Requirement Elliott were given the opportunity to provide a 14 module single storey nursery accommodation on a 67 week lease period, for use during...

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