Modular Retail Buildings

Unlimited range of uses for both large and small retail outlets

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Used by well-known retailers throughout the UK, Elliott modular buildings can be provided for a range of solutions during property refurbishment, retail construction, business expansion or for disaster and crisis management.

To ensure retailers are able to continue to trade due to lack of space or during difficult periods Elliott can provide an immediate response to support on-going businesses. This includes providing modular buildings for uses such as retail space, offices, customer facilities and staff welfare whilst retail construction projects are completed.

Elliott modular buildings provide unlimited design options and can be installed to single or multi-storeys with options to buy or hire from our wide range.



  • Speed of construction: The modular design of Elliott retail solutions means that buildings can be delivered in around half the time of a conventional approach, with up to 70% savings in cost.
  • High Quality: Attention to detail throughout, including off-site fitting of items such as tiles, services and wall coverings, ensure the right impression with consumers. Quality components are selected for their durability to ensure long term low maintenance.
  • Design flexibility: Large uninterrupted spans maximise floor space and create a light, open retail environment, whilst still offering the speed and quality benefits of off-site construction.
  • Programme and cost certainty: In a competitive retail environment keeping overheads to a minimum is essential. Our solutions are designed specifically to do that by offering the cost benefits of modular construction with the increased predictability of off-site systems.
  • Minimised Site Disruption: Modular significantly reduces deliveries to site, cuts waste and leads to shorter build times – so there is minimum disruption to existing retail operations.
  • Safer: An ability to cut construction times by half and fewer people required on site means less safety issues.
  • Sustainability: Elliott modular building solutions have been specially developed to include a number of energy saving features to reduce running costs. All our materials are from sustainable sources.



Elliott buildings can be designed to meet a wide range of needs for any type of retail requirement. Unlimited layout options to incorporate wide open spaces and smaller working areas together with all the necessary facilities. Available as single storey or multi-storeys for optimum footprint size.


360° service

Elliott provides full turnkey solutions so you can rely on Elliott as your single source supplier.

Unlimited range of uses for both large and small retail outlets

Case study

Requirement Elliott has been working with Tesco to develop off-site constructed solutions for retail stores. During the construction of a new Tesco Extra store...

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