Self powered welfare

Elliott provides state-of-the-art mobile and static welfare units to ensure the safety and wellbeing of workers onsite.

Welfare Unit Hire from EllioTt

At Elliott, we understand the importance of worker’s welfare on site. We create high quality, adaptable welfare units that cater for different site sizes and site conditions. Available as both static and mobile units, our welfare facilities are a great solution for providing site accommodation essentials that create a productive and safe workforce onsite.

Our choice of welfare units includes the following:

  • Elliott Evolution IHybrid Welfare Cabin
  • Elliott Evolution Mobile Welfare Units
  • Elliott Evolution Static Welfare Units

Our experience and expertise in construction solutions means that you can trust that we will deliver excellent site accommodation options tailored to your exact needs. From intelligent technology and self-powered units, to unique Anti-Vandal designs, we can provide what your site requires.

Find out more how we can help you provide the best possible site welfare units for your requirements below.

Welfare Unit Hire FAQ’s

What is a Welfare Unit?

Essential for any site, welfare units cater to the welfare needs of workers throughout the course of a project. Compact and versatile, they can be static or mobile and house facilities such as toilets, changing rooms and canteens for workers. Generally, welfare units are self-sufficient and self-powered for use in remote areas where there may be a lack of running water, electricity and sanitation. Dependent on the needs of the business, or scale of the site, they can also contain separate office spaces for site management.

What is a welfare unit van?

Welfare unit vans provide the same welfare needs as their modular unit counterparts. They are compact solutions that provide a safe and comfortable environment for workers working in environments such as highway maintenance, construction sites or rail construction. Each van contains facilities such as toilets, fitted seating with tables and separate toilet facilities.

Evolution® ihybrid

Efficiency is paramount with the Evolution IHybrid, whether it be for transport or energy. Complete with advanced technologies such as RedBox Power Infinity generators and Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS), the Evolution IHybrid is one of the best energy-saving buildings available to...

Evolution® Welfare Pods

Provide both comfort and convenience with the Elliott Evolution Mobile Welfare unit. Each pod contains a ceramic flushing toilet and a changing room tailored for 6 people. This self-powered unit has a unique Anti-Vandal design and enhanced security features such as the kneel-down axle system...

Evolution® Mobile Welfare Units

Self-powered and self-sufficient, the Elliott Mobile Welfare units offer the ideal portable welfare solution when working on remote sites. The units are tailored for six people and are equipped with electric heating, lighting, seating, tables and separate toilet facilities, including a...

Evolution® Static Welfare Units

At Elliott, we offer a range of self-powered and self-contained static units designed purposely for welfare hire. Designed to alleviate the common issues when working on greenfield sites, the Evolution static range comes complete with integral generators providing the necessary power for...


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