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Elliott have created a selection of layouts to compliment our Moduflex range. With over a thousand layouts, you are free to have complex configurations in your site plans.

Bringing the flex back into moduflex!

To compliment our Moduflex range we have created a selection of standard layouts designed to be as cost effective as possible for you. There are 1000's of layouts to choose from which allows you to have not only a fantastic product but the freedom to have complex configurations to your site plans. 

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Moduflex ® is an exciting modular buildings solution giving an enviable flexibility in creating a wide choice of building designs to meet your individual accommodation requirements. They can be used for a multitude of functions including open plan offices, sales centres and welfare facilities and are available to hire instantly nationwide. 

With the new Moduflex ® standard layouts not only are you guaranteed high quality temporary buildings for your site but the turn around time from quote to delivery will be even quicker. Don't forget to use our 360° services so you don't have to suffer weeks and weeks of dead time, hassle and cost organising and managing multiple suppliers during a project set up.

Here at Elliott we have the solution to any of your accommodation requirements, all in cost effective, high quality Moduflex ® bays.

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