Health & Safety

High quality is at the heart of everything that Elliott does.​



Elliott serves a diverse group of customers and market sectors who have different requirements and expectations across our wide range of solutions. Regardless of whether a customer requires a new multi-storey off site construction building, a temporary classroom to meet a spike in student numbers, a range of portable cabins for a construction site or simply a portable toilet for a family wedding we are proud of the quality and standards we maintain.

We know that attaining and maintaining leading industry standards and accreditations makes Elliott an automatic choice for customers and that’s what sees them return time and time again. Our accreditations provide added confidence to our customers that Elliott modular space solutions are provided to the highest industry standards and are suitable for use in demanding situations.

We’re proud of our quality, and the standards we maintain, and regularly audit our teams and seek feedback from our customers as we strive to maintain and improve our market leading position.




Elliott is committed to continuous improvement in Health & Safety and we instil this value and commitment to our workforce, the public, our customers and visitors to our sites.

Everything we do is driven by our focus on working 100% safe.

ISO 18001 Health and Safety Management System

Dedicated Health & Safety Management Team

Comprehensive safety manuals, risk assessments, method statements and safe working procedures

Regular safety audits and inspections

Working operatives accredited to the appropriate safety schemes – CSCS, CPCS, ALLMI

Effectively communicate with our clients ensuring all parties legal responsibilities are met.




As part of our corporate and social responsibility when constructing a new building Elliott develops relationships with local residents and relevant parties through regular communications. These include Residents’ Meetings and Consultation Events for the new facilities we construct, both prior to and during the construction phase.  At the Residents’ Meetings we display the proposed site plans, floor plans and elevations and our Design Manager is in attendance to answer any questions.

We also produce Newsletters giving updates on the project including progress photographs to local residents and people within schools and commercial buildings on a monthly basis.

We also register all our projects with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, consistently scoring in excess of 36 on many projects.




Our objective is to refit, reuse, recycle, reconfigure, and rethink the way our customers use our products and services to support their environmental sustainability objectives.












Elliott is the leading supplier of building systems throughout the UK and we have a significant direct impact upon the environment as a result of operational activities.



  • We therefore need to manage waste, energy and water consumption, procurement of goods and services, and the transport of goods and people.
  • The company recognises it has a duty to help protect the environment for both the present and the future.
  • This Duty of Care is actively endorsed by Elliott and is embodied in a company wide commitment to ensure any environmental impact is minimised.
  • In striving for environmental excellence we are committed to continual environmental improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Through close contact with national government departments, industry regulators and trade associations we aim to be at the forefront of legislative developments.
  • Our processes will continue to develop with the aid of working practices to meet both our legal and social obligations.

We will actively promote the Principle of Sustainable Development through the following measures: 
The intention of Elliott is to minimise its affects on the Ecology of an area impacted by our operations and, where possible, to encourage an increase in bio-diversity and the positive relationships within the eco-system.



Elliott ensures that its Environmental Management System (EMS) is implemented through good governance. As a multi product designer and builder we have an opportunity to put into effect robust, sustainable procedures for the design, procurement and construction of eco-friendly projects. These procedures address the design of the project and the specification of materials that have a low impact on the environment and the critical natural resources within it.

Our procurement methods address compliance with the EMS, in that, whilst cost is important, the quality and the source of that material are equally important. The use of naturally occurring material from non-renewable sources is being phased out. It is encouraged that materials from renewable sources are chosen instead. Our supply chain is asked for verification of the sources of their materials i.e. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), their methods of work and power sources. The use of quarry dug construction aggregates is to be discouraged, the use of recycled aggregates (Crushed concrete etc) used instead. We work closely with Clients, other designers and planning authorities to complete our projects in an environmentally considered manner.

Our construction methodology combines modern methods of construction with the use of a high proportion of timber components resulting in structures that are inherently energy efficient and, with the benefit of robust detailing, able to achieve extremely high levels of air tightness and thermal insulation properties.

Elliott actively promotes Sustainable Development encouraging its suppliers and sub-contractors to:

  • Manufacture all products taking into account ISO 14001 environment requirements and maintain leadership in the development of new products, where possible, procuring materials from sustainable sources.  
  • Support initiatives that benefit the environment.
  • Meet and exceed all relevant environment legislation and introduce standards where legislation does not exist.
  • Seek to reduce the consumption of raw materials in all operations through recycling and reuse.   
  • Educate and motivate their employers to work in an environmentally responsible manner.  
  • Periodically review environmental objectives and targets.

In addition:

  • Timber by-products can be recycled into other products eg. chipboard, eliminating waste.  
  • Timber construction achieves high levels of thermal efficiency.   
  • Construction methods are faster and more cost effective.   
  • Ground source heat pumps with bore holes driven 80m into the ground.  
  • Solar panels assisting domestic hot water.
  • Rainwater harvesting.

To meet these responsibilities, environmental performance is monitored continually with regular audits and reviews to assess environmental performance against current best practice.

All of these functions have had a significant effect on the carbon footprint and some have even qualified for government special grants.



PEFC is a global umbrella organisation for the assessment and mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes developed in a multi-stakeholder process. These national schemes build upon the inter-governmental processes for the promotion of sustainable forest management.

Elliott are independently audited by Exova BM TRADA on an annual basis in order to provide assurance that our products are sourced and produced in compliance with a globally recognised ecological, social and economic standard.


Frameworks & accreditations

Elliott’s success in having delivered £80m of work in several frameworks over the last three years has been founded upon consistency, repeatability, communication and collaborative working throughout.

We pride ourselves on a transparent and collaborative approach to all projects and building relationships with our clients and all stakeholders.

We've worked with some incredibly varied businesses across a vast range of offsite project types. Our commitment to consistent, repeatable processes, as well as our constant investment in teams across the UK, ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality of work… every time.



To discuss any of our products or services further, please make an enquiry with our team who can discuss your exact requirements